What is halotherapy?

The salt therapy, known as halotherapy, consists in neutralization of the negative and dense energies with the salt ions. It stimulates cilia movement, helps the natural defensive reactions of the human organism and is also useful in the treatment of allergies. Indirectly, it has a positive influence both on the state of humoral and cellular immunity, and nonspecific immune processes of the human organism.

Our spring pool

This is a unique and traditional treatment of the Balneari with mineromedicinal water, flowing directly from the source and constantly renewed, maintaining its temperature at 38.8 degrees, as well as its original chemical and physical properties. Its enormous curative and therapeutic potential makes our Health Resort an idyllic place for the treatment of various conditions. Click here for more information.

* Offers for prolonged treatments, ask for our discounts and promotions. All prices include IVA. All therapies are done with prior reservation.