Properties of our unique water

The “universal solvent” is the fundamental component of living beings: water is the source of life and it is essential for the human existence. The mineromedicinal Spring in Caldes d’Estrac is heated and mineralized at 2,800 meters depth, emerging at 38.8°. This is a magnificent and unique pure crystalline water, constantly flowing in the Balneari, preserving its original healing and therapeutic properties: physical, such as the contained minerals, and specially, chemical (ionized and nitrogenous – radon gas), more difficult to preserve if the thermal water should be heated or cooled.

What is Balneotherapy?

At a spa there must coexist three pillars to be able to talk about the thermal cure: the springs of mineromedicinal waters (declared of public utility, effective in treating of specific diseases), the facilities to apply treatments under medical guidance and professional team in charge, especially for people with health diseases, and for those who is simply seeking the pleasure of relaxing. The combination of mineromedicinal water and the application techniques ensure without any doubt wellbeing and recuperation.

Cell stimulating

Useful in trauma sequels and delays in consolidation.

Medical supervision

All of the offered treatments are developed under the supervision of Dr. Cristina Álvaro. Balneotherapy healing is the result of the action of mineromedicinal water and the application techniques.

Respiratory system

As for the respiratory system, it helps in improving bronchospasm, nasal congestion, rhinitis, laryngitis and bronchitis.

Ideal temperature

It is a great uniqueness compared to other thermal waters that flow at 70°, 50° or 20° degrees, we do not need to manipulate it for its human use.

Skin diseases

It provides relief in inflammatory skin diseases, as well as psoriasis, gynaecological disorders, with endocrine, vegetative or metabolic origin.

Sedative and relaxing action

Sedative and relaxing action by the vasodilator response and increased speed of blood to the muscles and ligaments, facilitating the recovery of cephalic manifestations with cervical origin.

Inflammation and arthritis

Effective in chronic inflammatory rheumatism, shoulder arthritis, hip, knee, discomfort caused by osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

Digestive problems

Drinking directly at 37 ° or cold, it is rapidly absorbed, followed by intense diuresis indicated for uric and oxalic stones, inflammations of the urinary tract and digestive problems such as constipation.