Biosphere Tourism

Biosphere is the internationally recognised tourism sustainability certification. Biosphere develops certifications to recognise the sustainable efforts of destinations and companies in their contribution to meeting the requirements and principles of sustainability and continuous improvement, through a private, voluntary and independent certification system. Every year that we work to achieve this certification is a season of hard work and effort that serves to guarantee our commitment to sustainability.

Our mission is to meet the current needs of our clients, without compromising future generations. It is for this reason that the Caldes d’Estrac Spa (Aigües Termals, SL) has been awarded the Biosphere Tourism certification for the third consecutive year. Learn more

Safe Travels

At the Spa we also have the “Safe Travel” seal of approval. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), “Safe Travel” is the world’s first global safety and hygiene certification to meet Covid-19 head on, certifying compliance with international hygiene and biosafety standards. The “Safe Travel” Seal is a set of protocols designed under the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) to create a general health policy in the tourism industry and thus restore confidence among travelers and give clear guidelines for the return of tourism activity on a global scale.

The aim is to align the private sector with common standards that guarantee the safety of its workforce and travelers as each country or region joins the “new normal”. Learn more

Energy savings

We guarantee energy savings in lighting and optimise energy consumption, as all our lights are low-consumption LEDs.

Water efficiency

One of the many examples is the water saving in the bathrooms thanks to the water regulation device in the toilets and the automatic opening and closing of the taps.

Paper and biodegradable products

Responsibility in relation to the use of paper: minimising printing, using biodegradable material and digitalising processes.

Support for cycling

In terms of transport, priority is given to the use of bicycles as a low-environmental-impact means of transport (we have bicycle racks).

Visual impact

Our facilities cause a minimal visual impact on the landscape of Caldes d’Estrac.


We properly differentiate between cardboard, plastic and glass in their corresponding container.